Ronny Marcus
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On this site I'll describe myself and share my interests and ideas. My name is Ronny Marcus and I would like to offer you a new and refreshing way of looking at life. I am what some people would call a psychic but basically I am just a super-sensitive kind of guy. In my lectures, workshops, courses, demonstrations and shows I offer you an alternate life-style,a nother way of looking at the world. Please read on. It could change your life. I tend to live life more with feeling than with logic, more with the heart than with the brain. This is probably the reason why a lot of the things I do cannot be explained. It still leaves plenty that can be explained and this I do in my work-shops. We have always been taught to "Think before you do". I teach how to "Feel while you do".  I will show you how to change your life and change your world" -  psychic energy" here and now . We are all perfect beings and therefore WE HAVE NO LIMITS. If you can dream it, you can do it. 
If you feel that all the above is illogical, LET ME AMAZE YOU. In my "single time" lectures , I demonstrate telepathy , telekinesis, levitation and other phenomena. I look at a lightbulb and it explodes. I describe the homes of people in the audience. I drive blind folded. Audience members suddenly find themselves doing things that moments ago they thought impossible.
This is not just another workshop. YOU WILL NOT COME AWAY THE SAME.
These workshops lectures and demonstrations are suited specially to the specific needs of home-circles, private functions, business-meetings, educational institutes, conventions and social occasions. 
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